• Todo Promotores Clearinghouse (TPC) is a resource for organizations to formulate, implement, and evaluate promotores programs that provide health information and services to low-income Latinos.

  • TPC was developed by KDHRC with funding from the National Institute on Minority Health Disparities (grant number R44MD006156). The content is solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institute on Minority Health Disparities.

  • The TPC website and digital community contain several pieces of user-generated content and real world applications of the program. The views and opinions expressed in the videos, case studies, and from the field stories are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the official policy or position of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities or KDHRC.

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KDHRC developed the Todo Promotores Clearinghouse website in collaboration with organizations and experts listed on this page.


  • Chula Vista Community Collaborative (CVCC)
    CVCC works with local partners and stakeholders in Chula Vista and the South Bay area to develop coordinated strategies and systems to protect the community’s health, safety, and wellness.


  • CREA Results
    CREA Results is a grassroots organization created in 2006 to harness the talents and abilities of community members in eliminating health disparities and environmental poverty through local action.


  • Chicago Hispanic Health Coalition (CHHC)
    Established in 1991, CHHC is a multi- disciplinary membership organization to address the need for health promotion and disease prevention among Chicago’s Hispanic community.


  • Founded in 1991, El Sol is a grassroots non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to serve the educational needs of non-English speaking underserved and resource poor communities of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. El Sol addresses the health education gap among unserved and underserved communities by providing annual services to over 32,000 community members. Programs and services include: community-based health education (PSP); the Promotores Academy; English as a Second Language classes; and leadership programs. PSP is El Sol’s longest lasting program and has trained community volunteers into promotores de salud who educate their communities on various health topics. El Sol’s success in using the promotor model has placed the agency at the forefront of promotor programming in the Inland Empire.


  • Eastside Promotoras in San Antonio, Texas is a community organization that uses promotores de salud to educate the community on disease prevention, disease complications, and disease management.

  • Eastside Promotoras trains promotores de salud to be knowledgeable and effective in their roles. Eastside Promotoras connects community members to important health resources.


  • Venus Ginés, M.A. P/CHWI
    Día de la Mujer Latina™ Inc.

  • Margarita Holguin, MPA
    Executive Director, Chula Vista Community Collaborative
    Chair, San Diego County Promotores Coalition

    Maia Ingram
    Arizona Prevention Research Center College of Public Health University of Arizona

  • Fernando Pineda-Reyes
    Chief Executive Officer
    CREA Results

    Alexander Fajardo, MCP, CFC
    Executive Director
    El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center

  • Sergio Matos
    Executive Director
    Community Health Worker Network of NYC

    Julie Smithwick, LMSW
    Executive Director
    PASOs Programs

  • Caitlin G. Allen
    Community Health Researcher
    CGA Consulting

    Marianne Ehrlich
    Chair, Board of Directors
    Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations

  • Kim Artis

    Monica Maldonado

    Madeline Woodberry

  • Belia Cantu

    Shaquana Divers

    Veronica Robles

  • Shanteny Ferguson

    Patria Alguila

    Eduvina Perez

  • Andrea Clarke

    Linda Reyes

    Esther Familia-Cabrera